Twice per year, DirectLoansLenders, loan connecting service, launches its scholarship session for winning a $500 prize. This scholarship is provided to help cover the education costs of select students. At the moment, the company has successfully awarded a lot of top-performing students all around the US. And now, DirectLoansLenders initiates Winter Semester Scholarship Session that will be available for Bangladesh students as well.

This decision was made after visiting the Bangladesh Open University by the principal CEO of DirectLoansLenders, Kenneth Benneth, where he had exciting discussions with the current students of the university. He was impressed by their skills in different fields of study. So, he decided to include the educational institution in the list of potential participants. Mr. Benneth mentioned that there were a lot of talented students who could definitely be competitive with US participants.

All the BAU students were informed on all the terms and requirements of the participation in the scholarship session. The applicants will have to submit an essay of no less than 750 words on one of the specific topics. It is essential to mention that the deadline for submitting applications is December 31. All the works are being verified by a committee of three persons who revise essays based on the following criteria: correct grammar, unique style, original idea, interesting and practical suggestions, a good understanding of the financial subject. Basically, the winner is announced in a couple of weeks. In the case of the winter session, the expected date is January 15.

The DirectLoansLenders expert team considers that this step of involving BAU students in such competition will have a good influence on the relationship between two cultures. And also, it will motivate other students to study more, teach them to organize themselves and go deeply into a certain subject, continuously develop their current capacities, and expose new ones.