School of Science and Technology is one of the six schools of Bangladesh Open University. The main objective of this school is to provide a platform for teaching, learning and research in the field of science and technology and to create scientific and technically skilled manpower in the country. The extended activities of this school are scientific awareness, degree awarding and advance research programs. The ongoing academic programs of the school are Diploma in Computer Science and Application (DCSA) and B.Sc.-in-Nursing, B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering.
The DCSA program was launched in 1998. It consists of 35 credits and duration of the program is one and half year. Diploma holders are well placed in the society.
Another academic program of the school is B.Sc. in Nursing. The minimum duration of the program is three years. About 1100 learners have been graduated till today and they are well establishment in health sector.
The school has offered B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering program since 2014.This four year B.Sc program consist of 148 credits. The Dhaka campus of BOU and department of CSE, DUET, Gazipur are the two study centers of this program. At presents, there are about 400 learners are studying in the said program in four academic sessions. Learners who have earned HSC or equivalent degree in science or have completed four year diploma can be admitted into this program through a very competitive admission test. After receiving degree, learners would become well placed in the society.

Academic Programs

1. Name of the program: Diploma in Computer Science and Application 

School of Science and Technology offers Diploma in Computer Science and Application. The aims of the Diploma are to make computer professionals to meet the recent increasing demand in the field of information technology. The objectives of the programs are to develop skills in-

  • ¨       using a computer and its areas of application.
  • ¨       using computers for office automation, desktop publishing, computer networking, multimedia etc.
  • ¨       using databases and database management systems, computer aided design and associated packages, etc.  
  • ¨       analyzing digital logic, computer organization, microcomputers and their maintenance and troubleshooting, etc.
  • ¨       computer programming and software development.

Program Plan

A learner should complete 35 Credits consisting of the courses listed below to receive the Diploma in Computer Science and Application including a project work as part of the requirement for successful completion of the diploma.

The syllabus of the program is being revised and brought up-to-date continuously. Some new courses have been included in the syllabus recently. Semester wise course distribution is given below.

Recommended Credits Distribution

Semester Credits
1st Semester 11
2nd Semester 12
3rd Semester 12
Total 35

Duration of the Program and Admission

The duration of the Diploma in Computer Science and Application (DCSA) program shall ordinally be one and half academic years divided into three (3) semesters, each of six (6) months period, learners shall, however be allowed a maximum peroid of five (5) academic years (i.e consecutive 10 semesters) to complete the program to obtaining her/his Diploma.

Selection Criteria

Learners will be selected on the basis of points calculated as follows–


Degree Point
1st Division 2nd Division 3rd Division
S.S.C 5 3 x
H.S.C 5 3 x

Higher Degree (Undergraduate/ Postgraduate)

1 Point


Degree GPA 3 & above Below GPA 3 & upto GPA 2.5 Below GPA 2.5
SSC 5 3 x
HSC 5 3 x


For every 10 years of age of the learner, 1 (One) extra point will be added.

Course and others Fees

Learners¢ Guide and Admission Form Fee Tk. 100/-
Academic Calendar Fee Tk. 50/-
Registration Fee (each semester) Tk. 200/-
Course Fee (each course) Tk. 850/-
Laboratory Fee (each course) Tk. 350/-
Reexamination Fee (for each course) Tk. 250/-
Program Transcript Fee Tk. 200/-
Testimonial Tk. 50/-
Main Certificate Fee Tk. 400/-
Provisional Certificate Fee Tk. 200/-
Marks sheet Tk. 200/-
Semester Marks sheet Tk. 70/-

Detail Information of DCSA

2. B.Sc.-in-Nursing (BSN) Program

Level Graduation
Entry Criteria Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery with 3 years Professional Experiences
Semester 06
Semester duration 6 months
Class Duration 5 months
Total Credit Hours 100 hours
Minimum Duration 3 years


The minimum duration of the program is three years. The students, however, have the flexibility of completing the program within six years from the date of registration.

Courses included in BSN Program

Course Title Credits
Communicative English 3
Applied Science-I 3
Practical Applied Science-I 3
Behavioral Science-I 3
English for Nurses 3
Applied Science-II 3
Practical applied Science-II 3
Nutrition and Dietetics 3
Practical Nutrition and Dietetics 3
Behavioral Science-II 3
Medical Surgical Nursing 4
Practical Medical Surgical Nursing 8
Psychiatry & Mental Health Nursing 2
Practical Psychiatry & Mental Health Nursing 2
Community Health Nursing 6
Practical Community Health Nursing 6
Maternal and Child Health Nursing 4
Practical Maternal and Child Health Nursing 8
Nursing Education 4
Practical Nursing Education 8
Introduction to Nursing Research & Statistics 3
Practical Nursing Research & Statistics 3
Nursing Administration & Management 3
Practical Nursing Administration & Management 6
Project in Senior focus Elective 3
Total 100


3. Name of the Program: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, in short ‘B.Sc in CSE’.

Title of the Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.

Aims and Objectives of the Program

The B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program is designed to produce skilled graduates in the field to satisfy the growing demands of computer engineers in home and abroad. It provides the learners an opportunity to obtain broad knowledge of Computer Science, Computer Engineering with some freedom to tailor the program according to the learner’s individual needs. The objectives of the program are –

  • to produce engineers equipped with the technical knowledge and skills with the ability to apply them correctly, and with the creativity and self-development. 
  • to train them the communication and collaboration skills and the ability to use new technologies to develop themselves to move with the rapidly innovative world.
  • to produce scientists and engineers equipped with morals and ethics.
  • to create opportunity for teaching and research in Computer Science and Engineering.

Prospect/ Employments Opportunity

After completing the B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering program, a learner should be able to get job in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Graduates with their degree of B. Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering will be well placed in the following key areas-

  •     production and development industry;
  •     software development company;
  •     measurements, instrumentation and testing computing;
  •     information and communication technology sector; and
  •     teaching and research;

Besides of this, in-service graduate will get up graduation/promotion.

Eligible Criteria for Admission into the Program

To be eligible for admission in B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering program, a candidate must pass SSC and HSC examinations or its equivalent in Science group. Minimum qualifications to take part in the admission test are as follows:

  1. Minimum GPA 2.5 / 2nd division in SSC/equivalent and 2.5/ 2nd division in HSC/equivalent examinations separately.
  2. Applicants must have passed HSC/equivalent examination from Technical Education Board with Mathematics / higher mathematics, Physics, with minimum GPA 2.5/ 2nd division in HSC examination.
  3. Applicants who passed the Diploma in Computer Science and Application (DCSA) program from Bangladesh Open University.
  4. Applicants who obtained 3 (three) or 4 (four) years Diploma in CSE/ Electrical Engineering/ Electronic Engineering/ Telecommunication Engineering from a recognized Polytechnic Institute with a minimum CGPA 2.0 / 2nd division.
  5. Applicants who have passed SSC/equivalent and HSC/ equivalent examination in the current year or years before the notification can apply.

Collection of Admission Form

Admission form and learners guide shall be collected from the local Regional Centre (RC) or website after advertisement of the program in national dailies, Radio and TV free of cost. Online submission of application is desirable.

Submission of Application Form

After filling up the prescribed form properly it should be submitted to the Dhaka Regional Resource Centre with following documents:

  •     Attested copies of Certificates, Diploma, Marks sheets/ Transcript of examinations;
  •     2 copies of attested passport size photograph;
  •     Attested copy of National Identity certificate (if any);
  •     Necessary fees as per BOU rules for application;
  •     Testimonial from the last educational institution.

For online submission, see the instructions as stated in Daily Newspaper.

Selection Criteria

  • Written Admission Test: Admission test will be conducted on the basis of the current syllabus of Mathematics, Physics, English and General Knowledge subjects of H.S.C examinations. The questions of admission test will be set in MCQ and/writing ability and conducted out of 100 marks. Duration of the written test is one hour and ten minutes and distribution of marks is given below:
Serial Subject Marks Syllabus
1. Mathematics 35

Current Syllabi of the HSC Examination

2. Physics 35
3. English 20
4. Writing Ability(Bangla and English) 5+5=10
Total 100
  • Interview/ Viva-voce: The candidates will be attend in interview/viva-voce based on their obtained marks in written test.
  • 10% seats will be reserved for the candidates who have completed Diploma in Computer Science and Application program from BOU and other quotas shall be maintained as per Govt. rules.
  • Admission Committee reserves all rights to make any changes.


Academic Year and Semesters of the Program

The academic year of the program shall start from July of each calendar year and shall end in June of the next year. Each academic year shall be divided into two semesters as follows:

Semester Duration
1st semester July-December
2nd semester January-June


Program Plan

A learner shall have to complete 148 credits to receive the degree. Learner should submit a Project report and should appear Comprehensive Viva voceat the 8th semester.

Duration of the program :  4 years

Total semester:  8

Semester length:  6 months

Total credit:  148

Detail Information of CSE


Forthcoming program of SST

1. Master of Disability Management and Rehabilitation

(To be launched July, 2017)


To build up the capacity of rehabilitation health professionals for enhancing services, education, policy making and research through inter professional academic program.


  • To develop the skilled human resources for services, education, policy and research in DMR in Bangladesh.
  • To deliver local, regional, inter-professional and graduate programs.
  • To create a cadre of leaders capable of advancing education, research and practice in the field of disability management and rehabilitation in Bangladesh and SAARC region as well.
  • To build up social awareness through rehabilitation education and promotional activities directly to the stake holders and their care givers.
  • To innovate new knowledge and establish new evidence through education and research.

Job Opportunity

  • Disability and development organization as WHO,UNICEF,WCPT,ICDDRD,BRAC,CRP etc;
  • Jatio Protibondhi Unnayan Foundation, Ministry of social welfare, GOB;
  • Government, National and International NGO’s;
  • Universities
  • Social welfare sector;
  • Teaching and research;
  • Industrial health sector;
  • Environmental health sector;
  • Disaster management sector;
  • Social development sector;
  • Policy making.


2. Master’s in Public Health (MPH) Program

The mission of Public Health is to fulfill society’s interest in assuring conditions in which people can lead a healthy quality life. Public health carries out its mission through organized, interdisciplinary efforts that addresses the physical, mental and environmental health concerns of communities and populations at risk for disease injury. The Masters in Public Health (MPH) program would be developed to fulfill the needs of today’s public health professionals. The degree provides the students with a clear understanding of the roles of the core disciplines in public health.

Programs to be offered by SST

1. Master of Software Engineering
2. Diploma in Pharmacy
3. Diploma in Community Health Care
4. Diploma in Medical Ultrasound

Research Activities

Challenges in Providing Support Services to the Distant Learners of School of Science and Technology at Bangladesh Open University


The faculty members of School of Science and Technology have published research work every year. In recent years, a handsome amount of research papers by the faculty members of the school have been published in several renowned national and international journals and conference proceedings. The research works are motivated by the academic interest and socio-economic problems at national level as well. The school publishes regularly by the research journal named “Journal of Scientific and Technological Research (JSTR)”

Laboratory Facilities of SST

Software, networking, digital hardware and electronics laboratories are available for learners to conduct both tutorial sessions and research activities.

List of Faculty members

Name and Designation Phone/E-mail

Dr. Sharker Md. Numan
Dean & Professor (Medical Science)

9291111, 9291101-4/333, 9006141 ( Res), 01727210110(cell), Fax: 9291111
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Prof. Dr. K. M. Rezanur Rahman
Professor (Physics)

9291111, 9291101-4/333, 8922871(res), 01726202060(cell)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Farida Easmin Shelly
Associate Professor (Medical Science)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dr. Md. Abdul Majid Mondol
Associate Professor (Pharmacy)

9291101-4/327, 01712943214(cell)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mohammad Mamunur Rashid
Assistant Professor (Computer Science)

9291101-4/336, 01716115139(cell)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
MS.Saria Islam
Lecturer(Computer Science and Engineering)

9291101-4/335, 01717124676(cell)
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A.S.M Mahmudul Hasan
Lecturer(Computer Science and Engineering)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Md. Moshiur Rahman
Lecturer (Computer Science and Engineering) 

9291101-4/335, 01748987282 (cell)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MS Nazida Begum
Assistant Director

9291101-4/521, 01816267679(cell)
MS Sabina Yesmin
Administrative Officer

Md. Shariful Islam Mridha
Administrative Officer




Phone: 88-02-9291111
Fax: 88-02-9291111